Babies, Children and Teenagers

Osteopathy for Babies Richard Metcalf Osteopathy in Sheffield Walkley

During birth, the baby’s head and body is subjected to alot of force as they endeavour to squeeze through the mother’s pelvis.  In those first days after birth, the baby’s head will naturally change shape and unmould.  However,  this process may be incomplete, especially if the birth has been difficult.  This can then lead to the baby being left with uncomfortable stresses in the head as well as the body.  This can then lead on to a variety of problems both in the baby and later as the child grows if these strains have not been resolved.

Symptoms of Discomfort

  • Excessive crying
  • Being unhappy or irritable for a long period
  • Struggling to fall asleep or remain asleep
  • Signs of digestive discomfort
  • Having a preference to feed on one side

This is assuming all the other causes of discomfort have been addressed such as hunger, tiredness, releasing wind etc.

Development in the First Years

Osteopathy for Children Richard Metcalf Osteopathy in Sheffield Walkley

Osteopaths can assess the physical state of infants and children to determine if there are any physical reasons for any delay in reaching a developmental milestone.  So, for example, stiffness in the spine and pelvis can make it difficult for a baby to learn to crawl.


If a child has any physical imbalances and tensions, then difficult behaviour might be their way of expressing their discomfort.  When these issues are released then they become much happier and relaxed.  Quite often their behaviour can change after a significant fall or repeated falls.

Older Children and Teenagers

Teenager Richard Metcalf Osteopathy in Sheffield WalkleyOlder children and teenagers invariably have poor posture for a variety of reasons.  Excessive sitting in inadequate chairs at school, prolonged periods of sitting at computers, tablets or smartphones.  Over time this can lead to areas of tension in the spine causing back and neck pain and tension headaches.

Teenagers’ bodies are changing rapidly with growth and hormonal changes and other challenges from school and socially.  They are vulnrable to sports injuries especially where is a lot of contact.  Osteopaths do understand the various demands on the immature, growing body and can help with the different problems associated with this.

Osteopathic treatment

Osteopaths are able to locate areas of tension in many different areas of the body.  Osteopathic treatment is gentle and safe where specific, light pressure is applied.  It is suitable for newborn babies, toddlers, children and teenagers at all stages of development.