• I am only available on Friday afternoons
  • I have another practice in Kirkburton, SE Huddersfield.  A 45 minutes non-motorway easy, fast drive from Walkley.  I am more than happy to see patients from Sheffield if the need arises – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday morning.

First Appointment

  • We operate a buzzer system for entry into the practice
  • Please wait in the waiting area
  • There is a toilet available on the ground floor
  • As part of the examination you will be asked to remove some items of clothing but never underwear
  • For female patients a towel is provided for your privacy


  • Treatments are very gentle and NO high velocity thrust manipulative techniques are applied
  • It is a form of manipulation but without the use of force
  • Structural releases and changes are being made
  • You will lie on your back for your treatment and you’ll be made as comfortable as possible with pillows and towels
  • You’ll remain clothed for any follow-up appointments

Payment Methods

  • I accept cash, cheques and bank transfer payments at the time of the appointment.  Unfortunately, I dont have a card facility.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you can’t make an appointment so that I can pass it onto someone else. Without prior notification, you may be charged the full fee.


  • Please be aware that the postcode ‘S6 3RX’ is inaccurate
  • The postcode ‘S6 3RT’ is slightly more accurate


  • If you have any further questions please get in touch – 0756 4186 266