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Richard Metcalf Osteopath
Richard Metcalf Osteopath


After a short career in the computer industry I decided to study for 5 years to become an Osteopath, qualifying in 1998 from the College of Osteopaths, London.


I have been practising for 25 years and have 2 practices, one in Walkley, Sheffield, and the other in the south of Huddersfield.  The clinic in Sheffield is called The Lodge HouseWorking at a multi-disciplinary clinic such as this has enabled me to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of other alternative/complementary therapies.

I do enjoy my work and continue to be enthusiastic about it, regarding it as more of a vocation than a job. I am always trying to develop as a practitioner and improve on my existing skills and this has meant that I’ve had to make many personal changes over the years. Over the years I have developed an increasing love and respect for osteopathy and the natural way in which it augments healing.


I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council which was established by an Act of Parliament to protect patients by promoting excellence in osteopathic care. Only those who have demonstrated safe and competent practice are thereby admitted to its statutory register and are allowed to call themselves osteopaths and practice as such. All osteopaths on the register must have medical malpractice insurance and follow a strict code of conduct.

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Continued Professional Development

I regularly go on courses in Osteopathy, some of which are run by the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy which is a college of excellence. This enables me to further develop my skills in an academic, structured environment through an on-going assessment of my knowledge and practical abilities.

Mindfulness Practice

Over the past 10 years I have been developing and practising mindfulness in both my personal and work life.  I have found this to be extremely helpful in really listening to patients discuss their problems.  It has also enabled me to give them techniques to help them ackowledge their mental/emotional issues, some of which can be related to their physical complaint. 


I live in Kirkburton, South East Huddersfield, with my wife Katherine and we have four teenage offspring.  I enjoy road cycling, walking up and down Scottish mountains and manage to get on a snowboard every couple of years.