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We all have unique minds and bodies and lead such different lifestyles.  Our past lives and ambitions are unique and throughout adulthood, we will all face diverse challenges, some of which will affect our health and wellbeing.

The effects of past traumas, stressful physical or emotional events and environmental factors can accumulate over time.  Gradually, the body may find it increasingly difficult to deal with these effects, and symptoms may start to show.

You may start to suffer in quite subtle ways with issues like fatigue, lack of sleep, generalised headaches, general aches, or mental/emotional stresses

At Osteopathy in Sheffield, we look at you individually and try to understand how and why your problem occurred in the first place.  Sometimes this is not always obvious so its important to get as much detail as is possible.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, are in chronic pain or suffer from a long-term condition like osteoarthritis, we will do our utmost to allow you to return to the activities you enjoy best.