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Osteopathy is a gentle hands-on healing art (as well as a science) that treats the whole body (including the head) and involves the diagnosis and treatment of structural and mechanical dysfunctions of the body.  It endeavours to treat the cause of the problem by using very gentle manipulation to relieve physical stresses and strains, which result in a variety of symptoms to restore health and balance.

Osteopathy recognises the connectivity of the body and the way in which one area of restriction or tension will alter the whole body through connective tissues (bones, ligaments, fascia, blood vessels, internal organs) and water.

An osteopath will not only treat the symptomatic or problem area, but will also address other possible factors that have led to the problem. In doing so, this will help to prevent future occurrences and so restore good health.


Osteopaths have a highly developed sense of touch or palpation.  They have an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and osteopathic techniques.  They study and train for 4-5 years and do over 1000 clinical hours before being able to graduate.  This makes them skilled Allied Health Professionals.

During the initial consultation, the osteopath will try to build up a clear picture of the individual.  This will involve taking a detailed health history and conducting a thorough examination to ensure that osteopathic treatment is suitable.  If it isnt then they may refer you to your GP or other specialist to see if further scans or tests should be undertaken.


In 1993, osteopathy became the first major complementary healthcare profession to be given statutory recognition under the Osteopaths Act.  As a legal requirement, osteopaths are now regulated by the General Osteopathic Council .

Osteopathic Treatment

We use gentle hands-on techniques to relieve pain and tension and improve mobility. Our longer term aim is to help your body return to health and reach its best potential in the future. Treatment is tailored to each individual.

Exercise & Advice

As part of the treatment plan exercises and advice on posture, workplace ergonomics and changes to lifestyle will be given.  We are keen to get you back to doing the activities you enjoy as soon as possible.